The brand Queen of Saba is born in 2010 from the entrepreneurial dream of Svetlana Orekhova who was already managing with international commerce between Italy and Russia by that time.

Svetlana was totally in love with the Italian customs so, in 1996 she has decided to move to Italy and to settle there.

In 1998 she founds her first business creating an innovative way to shop between Asia and Italy. In fact, she opened a travel shopping agency which allows international traders, but in particular, the Russians ones, to visit the Italian country purchasing there all the goods to be re-sold in Russia once back there.

Furthermore, She has noticed that most of these clients were women from a Muslim background; Working daily with those women and go along with them, made her better acknowledge their tradition as well as their bridal needs.

Beyond the usual wedding habits, she finally understood that there was a big gap to be filled as soon as possible in the Asian market.

The Russian and Middle eastern spousal’s ritual expects the bride to be provided with luxury pieces of luggage’s set as well as with the luxury matrimonial trousseau.

The Queen of Saba, “ Sheba the Asian name”, is a figure first mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. In the original story, she brings a caravan of valuable gifts for King Solomon. This tale has undergone extensive Jewish, Islamic, and Ethiopian elaborations, and has become the subject of one of the most widespread and fertile cycles of legends in the Orient.

Modern historians identify Sheba with the South Arabian kingdom of Saba in present-day Yemen.
Nowadays, at last but not at least, the company is meant to supply in a portion of the market where there are no other brands which can compete with it, for this reason, the brand is the best sole trader ever you can use for your hand made and assembled Italian luxury bridal goods.